about us

K2C Associates LLC, is a consulting firm specializing in the commercialization of federally funded innovations. We focus on emerging "hard tech" innovations with a significant amount of government, military and commercial R&D investment. These areas include, but are not limited to: big data, artificial intelligence, IoT, cyber security (hardware), data privacy, smart materials, renewable energy & power, critical infrastructure, and autonomous systems.

how we work

We are a hands-on consulting firm working as part of your team on Federal R&D Contract Capture & Management, New Product Launches, Technology Acquisition, Tech Transfer & Licensing, Corporate Lean Startup, Customer Development, and Strategic Investment initiatives.  We maintain an extensive network of seasoned contract proposal writers, capture managers, new business development and corporate R&D/development professionals who are looking for part-time or temporary assignments.

our value proposition: We build bridges

We accelerate the timeline for commercialization programs by building bridges between government, military and commercial innovation communities. We are specialists in the strategic capture and acquisition of federally funding, as well as corporate R&D, corporate development and private funding.